The Wait is Finally Over - Yay!

ACRYLIC JOURNEYS in the semi-abstract landscape

Hello, everyone.

I’m thrilled to bring you this NEW online workshop, highlighting the minimal atmospheric painting style so near and dear to my heart. This is one of my favorite ways to create, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you - it is soothing, surprising, and endlessly fascinating in its focus.

Let’s simplify, relax, and be really present, to create stirring spaces of intrigue and feeling across our canvas or panel, without overwhelming checking of photo references, and without fear. Semi-abstract painting is come-as-you-are painting. If you have a little painting experience under your belt - mixing color and understanding value and color temperature -  you’re ready right now, I promise!

— Dena

Use the discount code EARLYBIRD2020 - you'll save now until class goes "live" on 1/20. "Live" means that while the entire class will be available for you to view on purchasing, I will be actively monitoring any class groups *frequently* and happy to give any personal feedback or tips on your new atmospheric paintings, if you ask me to do so, and I'll be posting some related paintings and process materials in the group myself, from time to time. This "Live" status will last between 1/20 and 3/20.

Once class goes "Live" on 1/20 the price WILL INCREASE for the duration of the "LIVE" period. The code is only good through 1/20. (There IS a class size cap during the "Live" period and if it's being approached, I will let everyone know.)

If you take advantage of the EARLYBIRD2020 code you'll get some time to play before we go "live" and you'll benefit from the "Live" aspect of the class. You'll also save, because the first and the bold should be rewarded, no?

Please note - it is totally fine if you want to take the class without group participation.  It is fine to seek me out for feedback via email and non-group channels during the "live" period if you are interested in feedback and tips without a public aspect.

In short the class is:

Immediate Download AND/OR stream

Keep Forever

LIVE only from 1/20 - 3/20

DISCOUNTED only until 1/20.

In this class, we'll take things slowly and we'll isolate each new concept in three renditions of the earth, sky and horizon, selectively investigating one visual variable at a time. You'll have the tools to explore infinite options within the paths offered by each technique.

As we go, we'll learn clear strategies for powerful renditions of depth, and we'll strip out all distractions in our wide open space of possibility.

In our in-depth 12x12 main painting project we'll take the lessons of our three small and spontaneous studies, and we'll synthesize our new found wisdom to create a landscape painting with impact and rich layering. As powerful as your new skills are on their own, they are even more flexible and inspiring when you put them together!


You are:

Not completely new to painting, but not necessarily the most experienced either. It will be best if you understand basic concepts, particularly value and color temperature, and you'll benefit from some experience and interest in color mixing and layering paint.

You are:

Curious about the technical side of painting. This is a fairly technically oriented class - though technique is used in the service of a thoughtful artist-viewer communication. The emphasis here is not primarily on creativity as an emotional/spiritual practice, just to make things clear.

You may or may not be:

Ready to seek out personalized feedback and troubleshooting for visual problem solving. No unsolicited suggestions will be given, but my years of experience are at your disposal for assisting in your ethereal and wide-open visions if you want!  Simply ask while we're "live."


MORE THAN 3 hours of clear over the shoulder video from my working artist’s studio, including both palette and working shots, so you understand the process.


REAL TIME video lessons with informative instruction, minimal time lapse, minimal music, focused and on-topic narration

DETAILED supply lists including materials insights from my decades as a professional working artist (I made the mistakes so you don’t have to!)

ACCESS to feedback and a supportive, curious, paint-loving group discussion area for my students.

Full inventory of skills, info, and demos to set you up for success!

I can't wait to see you in the studio!

- D

use EARLYBIRD2020 - get more, for less!