Small Wins and Small Scale

On the blog this week - Colorful Birds, Small Wins, Common Materials

Hello, everyone!

I hope you check out the blog this week and the videos that I've been adding. Both are quite fun and colorful by my standards, and easy to follow along with if you're feeling the urge to have some fun in or out of your art journal/sketchbook.

I've had some health....stuff...that has kept me out of the studio and kept me working at home, which has forced me to work at a smaller scale.

I've noticed that this isn't just a question of feet and inches but a question of mindset as well.  It's not necessarily just a story about limitation - work I make at home has an immediate and intimate nature compared to work in the studio.

If you're able to work in and out of your home, it's worth seeing if there are common denominators in the work that comes out of each situation.  You don't have to have a studio either, you can draw outside or at museums, at bars and coffee shops, and in waiting rooms, even. Sometimes space is on offer for free or not much - I definitely leveraged some community-available spaces before I got a studio space of my own.  And sometimes "go out there" is way beyond my capabilities, so this suggestion is open to interpretation. My work changes if I just move from one spot in my house to another!

That said, it's time to get back out there, the cocooning has been good, but all good things must wrap eventually. I'm hoping to get a larger workspace soon - we'll see if the studio space gods smile on this notion or not. Fingers crossed.

Have a happy and creative week!



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