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Artist Paper Mystery Pack Samples 5x7 inch Watercolor Papers

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In watercolor it's often said that your paper is the most important material - and it is. It's hard to know how to budget, invest, and select your favorite paper, or maybe, like me, you want to try them all!

One day I thought to myself "it would be fun if everyone could try out different papers without having to get blocks and sheets that they may or may not love."

And thus, I decided: sample packs are fun. Surprises are fun. Let's do both those things.

Three different papers. Three mini-sheets of 5x7 inches in each paper. Nine sheets of awesome.

I wanted to share the many papers I'm happy with and enthusiastic about with other watercolorists - so here is a fun way to try new papers out that I think you'll love.

Order this pack and you will get a handpicked and thoughtful selection of jumbo postcard 5x7 inch sample papers.

That's right - physical stuff in your mailbox, yay!

Papers I personally have used. Papers I personally love. Handwritten notes and artful extras. You'll be delighted - as long as watercolor paper is "a thing" for you.

What can you expect? Awesome watercolor papers - in nine 5x7 mini sheets, three each of three surprise types.

And more.

What "more?" Well let's not spoil it completely. I'll definitely include personal monthly "artist notes" - why I picked the papers I did and what I think you'll love about them, as well as what techniques are especially good on each paper.

Which papers are you getting? You'll get a curated mix - introducing you to several papers of amazing quality with a little range in price among them.

Re-order or order multiple packs and I'll do my best to see you don't get repeats.

- Papers that are all cotton content with rare and totally archival exceptions. (Buffered, acid free, and/or cotton mixed with intriguing new options like synthetics and other fibers.)

- You will not get more than two of the "big two" in any given month (Arches and Fabriano) as it's likely you've tried them at some point. But you will get at LEAST one high quality all cotton 140 cold press, since it makes most of us really happy to use that weight and finish.

- You won't get unlabeled "mystery meat" clippings never to be purchased again. This is a surprise not a dumpster dive! Everything in the pack will be clearly labeled so if you want more you can find more. You'll have to trust me, but I think you'll be really glad you did.

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Last updated Jun 5, 2023


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Artist Paper Mystery Pack Samples 5x7 inch Watercolor Papers

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