Painterly Pastel Mini Class: Ethereal Landscape in the Sketchbook

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Join in for one of my favorite and most beautiful stand-alone lessons - this class originally aired as part of Paint Your Heart and Soul 2021 but is now available for all my students.

Come along for an expressive journey using water soluble wax and oil pastels, simple flat acrylics, a little clear gesso (optional) a few oil pastels, even some chalk pastels - and our art journals.

We'll learn a loose and layered sketching approach that lets us create expressive and painterly work in a small scale, with freedom and joy.


  • Video: single video 42:22 minutes (download or stream, instant access, your pace, keep forever)
  • Fully Optionally Captioned (Hand checked by me)
  • Music: No
  • Class PDF
  • Facebook Group Join Link

You'll get:

  • a full materials list and step by step photo PDF for your project
  • access to a student facebook group to share work, ask questions, and join the fun
  • a full single stand-alone lesson, 40 ish minutes of clear over-shoulder instruction and insight
  • VALUABLE tips on how to make landscape hints and suggestions appear in your work!
  • A peek into how I create reference-free dreamlike landscapes and places
  • Color and color temperature guidelines that really bring dreamy places to life
  • Tips for creating work with longevity and preservation in your sketchbook
  • A fabulous way to create your very OWN pastel-friendly surfaces in your art journal and sketchbook (no need for expensive sanded papers when you know the tricks!)
  • Guidance for making loose and luminous beauties - this is just the start. You'll be hooked on these beautiful and radiant pages and ready to keep the flow going in your journals. This lesson gives you the tools to be confident and experimental with your drawing and painting combined in a new, fun way.

I want this!


Because of the digital and downloadable nature of this product, there are no refunds. Please get in touch if you are experiencing any technical glitches or access issues with your purchase - we'll get things sorted for you.

Last updated Jul 8, 2023

Full Class access, Downloadable and Streamable, Watch-Forever access right away. Class PDF. Class Facebook Group. Materials List.


Painterly Pastel Mini Class: Ethereal Landscape in the Sketchbook

0 ratings
I want this!