Watercolor Color Wheels - Standard Paper - Color Wheel Blanks - Paintable

I created this sheet as a tool for my own color study and to help demonstrate color theory in the classes I teach. These sheets are a great way to explore a vibrant CMY based palette and beyond! Tints? Shades? Transparent browns? Let's mix.

Whether you teach, paint professionally, paint for fun, or just love color - these ready-printed sheets are a fantastic way to keep the watery mayhem of watercolor in a consistent shape and place.

While a lot of you may want to print a file like this yourself, a lot of home printers do NOT create the water-resistant print that you will need, and they will NOT handle the thick 140 pound paper that even a simple swatch sheet needs to convey all the details you'll want to track.

I've printed these sheets for you, cut to a convenient letter size (8.5x11.) Each pack has one sheet with my pigment code recommendations for a lightfast, vibrant, good value palette. All the additional sheets you order will have blank space next to the spectrum so you can write in the pigments you are using. There's a good balance of "notes in the margins" space with sizeable wheels that won't lead to messes.

You'll love having these handy sheets add some neatness and consistency to a process that can be very scattered at the best of times!

Sheets are sold in packs of three and six, and ship in a rigid mailer and a plastic sleeve.

I want this!

Refunds and Returns

Please contact us if your package has not arrived within two weeks of ordering. Orders are shipped twice each week, and time-to-print is within 5 business days of your order.

Please contact us if you need an order expedited - we're happy to do our best to meet your deadlines!

Your satisfaction is important and postal issues happen - please get in touch if your sheets are not to your satisfaction OR your order has not arrived and we'll make it right.

Last updated Oct 13, 2023


Watercolor Color Wheels - Standard Paper - Color Wheel Blanks - Paintable

I want this!