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Skill and Chill: Three-Color Mixing Essentials In Watercolor

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Skill and Chill - create simplified stress-free projects in watercolor that allow you to develop and master essential skills - all while having fun!

If you're new to watercolor, or new to mixing color in watercolor - this class is just for you!  A lot of students delay mixing experiments because of a fear of "mud" or a lot of overwhelm, or a deluge of technical information - but color mixing is expressive freedom, and it's absolutely something you can learn from the start!

We'll bypass the boredom of boxes (as much as possible) while we learn.

As our project, we'll create three beautiful greenery circles. These little botanical watercolor paintings are easy enough for total beginners, but pretty enough for everyone.

They will cheer up correspondence, brighten a journal page, make a friend smile by snail mail, and light up a little corner of your desk, space, or home.

easy enough for beginners, pretty enough for everyone!

This mini class will instill color mixing curiosity, and knowledge from the ground up -

In between demonstrations and paint-throughs of each wreath, we'll do exercises that build your skills in water control, brush control, wet-in-wet blending, color mixing with precision, and even learning how to troubleshoot different types of painting results - so right from the start you begin to understand your paint!

I see so many watercolor students struggle with color choice, budgeting, where to start, and what to do when it comes time to choose "good" paint for starting a reliable, fun, and foundational palette that will serve them well.

There are three colors you will never go wrong with - and in this class we'll meet them and start making friends with them.

Seriously - just three, but your choice of red, yellow, and blue will matter a lot, so read this part carefully:

With these three colors, you'll be ready to take on the world - isn't it amazing?

I demonstrate with Hydrus liquid watercolor by PhMartin's but tube watercolor will work.

You'll get a PDF cheat sheet when you register that will help you identify paints by pigment, and find versions of these colors that will suit your budget.

I can't wait to see you in this fun, relaxing mini class, where we'll cover informative essentials, and create with a smile.


WHAT THIS CLASS IS LIKE: The total class runtime is just about ONE HOUR of twelve short videos separated into discrete topics. Each step will be shown, explained, and explored.

Short, sweet, focused and clear, we want to keep things relaxed and bite-sized, so you'll feel confident, inspired, and pleased with your small projects, eager to paint them again with variations and changes of your own invention.

IS THIS CLASS FOR ME?:  This class is for those who are new to color mixing, new to watercolor, or some combination of each.  We break down brushstrokes and results, we learn technical flourishes that give great results for some of the most common ways we paint in this medium, and we keep things focused and simple.

If you have significant experience in watercolor and CMY color mixing, this class will probably be a little too elemental for you.

WHY IS THIS CLASS PRICED HOW IT IS (as in... not a lot) ?

The world is hard and this is a bite-sized bit of learning that will make creating more comfortable for the watercolor-beguiled.  This class is an hour plus some minutes of color power-up and neat tips, and I think that should be accessible to a lot of wonderful humans.

If my regular sized classes are like a 3 day workshop, this workshop is a lunch-and-learn sized lesson. You'll come away confident about creating new color, eager to see what your three paints can do -  and that's what matters.


I've been painting in every type of paint I could get my hands on for decades, and I feel as if I strike a really good balance between "there is one right way" adherence to color theory and "do whatever" painting without awareness of color theory.  I love the challenge of sharing and framing what I've learned as a tool so you can access better freedom, flow, and fun.


You get instant access to all video content, a PDF welcome packet and materials list, and an extra bonus or two (who doesn't like a surprise?)

If that sounds good, I'll see you in class! I can't wait.

- Dena

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Skill and Chill: Three-Color Mixing Essentials In Watercolor

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