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The Abstract Divide - Paint the Semi-Abstract Landscape In Acrylic

denadraws - paint. make. explore.
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Let's simplify, relax, and focus to create stirring spaces of intrigue and feeling across our canvas, without overwhelming checking of photo references, and without fear.  Semi-abstract painting is come-as-you-are painting. You're ready right now. (Paintbrushes are even optional at times.)

In this class, we'll take things slowly and we'll isolate each new concept in three renditions of the earth, sky and horizon, selectively investigating one visual variable at a time. You'll have the tools to explore infinite options within the paths offered by each technique.

As we go, we'll learn clear strategies for powerful renditions of depth, and we'll strip out all distractions in our wide open space of possibility.

In our in-depth 12x12 main painting project we'll take the lessons of our three small and spontaneous studies, and we'll synthesize our new found wisdom to create a landscape painting with impact and rich layering. As powerful as your new skills are on their own, they are even more flexible and inspiring when you put them together!


I'll be teaching:

- the role of the horizon and how to find yours in a drawing

- minimal drawing with inktense water soluble pencil

- Creating depth and space through the use of color intensity

- Creating depth and space through the use of texture

- Creating depth and space through color temperature

- The starring role of matte gel and fluid medium in acrylic painting

- Using brayers, scrapers, fingers and surprising alternative painting processes

- Glazing and washes

- Problem solving within a sustained and layered painting

- Integrating the lessons of studies into a more sustained investigation of the subject in paint

-  BONUS: my original tip sheets with technique specifics you'll love to use over and over



You are:

Not completely new to painting, but not necessarily the most experienced either. It will be best if you understand basic concepts, particularly value and color temperature, and you'll benefit from some experience and interest in color mixing and layering paint.

You are:

Curious about the technical side of painting. This is a fairly technically oriented class - though technique is used in the service of a thoughtful artist-viewer communication. The emphasis here is not primarily on creativity as an emotional/spiritual practice, just to make things clear.


MORE THAN 3 hours of clear over the shoulder video from my working artist's studio, including both palette and working shots, so you understand the process

REAL TIME video lessons with informative instruction, minimal time lapse, minimal music, focused and on-topic narration

DETAILED PDF  including  insights from my decades as a professional working artist (I made the mistakes so you don't have to!)

ACCESS to feedback and a supportive, curious, paint-loving facebook group discussion area for my students.

Full list of materials and supplies to set you up for success! You'll get access to everything RIGHT AWAY.

This class is now SELF GUIDED - You'll still get access to the facebook group to post work and for reference, but the content adds are not scheduled.

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The Abstract Divide - Paint the Semi-Abstract Landscape In Acrylic

3 ratings
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