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Rooted: Get Started Painting Landscape

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If you've never painted much, but the idea of painting a landscape has moved you in some way, this is the class where you jump in and wind up with a successful painting that is uniquely you!

With a thoughtful and systematic approach, we'll add doable bits and pieces to our body of knowledge. Using warmups both meditative and fun, a little bit of a color wheel analysis, and by powering up the way we look at sketching, you'll be ready to go for your first landscape painting.

You'll be creating a lot in this class - color and value exercise pages, thumbnails and preparatory sketches to start a new sketching habit and approach, stylized and fun preliminary paintings featuring whimsical hills and forests, a painterly study in black and white, even a quartet of cute modernist mini-abstracts in your favorite color - but the culmination will be a full scale and display worthy landscape you'll love, 12 inches by 12 fabulous inches!

This will be not the end, but the START of a beautiful relationship - you, painting regularly, confidently, and beautifully.

You don't need anything fancy or expensive for this class, just craft paints, basic brushes, paper and pencil, a palette knife or spreader, and some larger thicker paper or budget study canvases as well as one square 12x12 inch canvas or panel. You may already have the things you need - if you've dabbled at all you may be halfway geared up.

There is something in this class for ALL levels, but I've paced it for beginners and addressed it to the needs of beginners. I've included much of what I believe constitutes solid footing in a fun and rewarding landscape painting exploration, habit, and practice.


  • is for beginners to painting, and beginners to landscape
  • is fully downloadable, streamable, go-at-your-own-pace
  • is enhanced with access to my private all-class facebook group, share your work and ask questions.
  • is structured fun - for best results go in order at your own pace, as we build a solid foundation
  • is the fundamental basis for everything I do as a professional landscape artist, every day!
  • is your chance to deep dive and REALLY cover the "basics" of my classes, and those of many others
  • is a chance to make work that's spacious, exciting, and totally YOU.
  • might encourage painting habits. If you don't want to paint regularly and make steady noticeable progress, this might not be for you :)


  • nearly three hours of video instruction, broken into simple and actionable progressive steps
  • access to a student facebook group (merged with my other classes, but private)
  • A full materials list, with resources and guides for color mixing and key class concept refreshers
  • a welcome pack, including a few exclusive surprise bonuses (you'll love it!)

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Rooted: Get Started Painting Landscape

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